Is Rocket League Cross-Platform

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It’s no secret that Rocket League is a popular esport, but the game is also great for those just looking for a good time. Thankfully, cross-platform play in Psyonix makes it possible for anyone to join a team.

Rocket League is a popular choice among a wide variety of video game players. Rocket League, then, is the perfect choice whether your goal is to compete or to take a break from intense shooters. 

Players on consoles, PCs, and Switches are all committed to Rocket League, and the game never slows down because of cross play. There is always a sizable group of active players around the clock.

As your device’s screen size and response time affect your aim and reflexes, cross-play can be problematic in first-person shooters. On the other hand, this is not the case in games that involve vehicles. 

Console players may have an advantage when it comes to controlling their bullet cars, but the gap isn’t that wide. This is why the game’s creators implemented cross-play between all platforms.

Having the most recent version of Rocket League is a prerequisite for playing it across platforms. The platform’s store or launcher is where you should look for updates. Once you have the most recent patch installed, you can begin a new match or join an existing one.

You can either create a private match with your friends or join an existing public match when setting up a game. In order to play with friends who are using different platforms, you must send them an invitation to the match using their Rocket ID.

Every player in the game has a special number called a Rocket ID, which can be changed in the options menu. It’s also accessible from the main menu by pressing the “options” button on your controller. If you want to play with your friends across platforms, you’ll need to invite them with their Rocket ID rather than their platform-specific username.

When you and your friends have been invited to a match, you can all play on different platforms at the same time. Pick “cross-platform matchmaking” from the matchmaking menu if you want to join a public match. This will open the door to playing against players from other platforms.

Keep in mind that not all platforms support Rocket League’s cross-platform play features. Sony has not enabled cross-play on the PlayStation 4, so PS4 players cannot compete with Xbox One users.

Be aware that there may be some subtle differences in controls and gameplay when competing across platforms. 

Before you can play with friends on different platforms, you must activate cross play. Now, head into the game’s configurations and hunt down the gameplay tag. A cross-play option is available here. Check to see if it’s checked.

After it has been activated, go to the main menu and select Custom Games in Play from the drop-down menu. At this point in the game, you will be given three different options to choose from. 

If you have to choose between a “Exhibition”, “Season”, and a “Private Match”, go with the latter. 

Create a join, private lobby, or local lobby will then become available to you. Go with one of the first two possibilities. Select “Create” if you want to host a private match for your followers, or “Join” if one has already been set up. Friends can join a private lobby after it’s created.

It’s also worth noting that cross-platform play in Rocket League is limited to online multiplayer games. Because of this, offline modes like exhibition matches, training modes, and special event modes cannot be played with friends on different platforms.

Rocket League may have bright colors and toy-like cars, but don’t be fooled. As much fun as the game appears to be visually, the steep learning curve can be attributed to the game’s focus on car handling and tricks like the aerial.

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