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What Does The Lucky Girl Syndrome Meme Mean on Tiktok?

The Lucky Girl Syndrome TikTok meme is trending and has the potential to officially make it to the meme calendar for 2023. If you are wondering what is the inner meaning behind this trend then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything there is to know about the Lucky Girl Syndrome Tiktok meme.

Lucky Girl Syndrome Tiktok meme explained

Participants of Lucky Girl Syndrome believe that their positive thinking will manifest good luck that will drive them for the rest of 2023. While manifesting has become a topic of interest among millennials with more and more people dabbling in it and now there is a whole meme template about it.

“One of the first #LuckyGirlSyndrome Tiktok videos to explain the concept was from user bymichellediaz back in August 2022 and has garnered 3.4 million views and 715,000 likes. In the video she explains that by believing she is the luckiest girl ever and that amazing things now happen to her. It’s a form of manifestation where if you think something, it will come, although she even mentions how the thinking can be “delusional”.” according to GAMEREVOLUTION.

These videos are getting more and traction as time passes and fans are having a good time making them. As content creators are taking the opportunity to manifest goodness in their lives, said meme is believed by pop culture to be a medium to do so.

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