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What Does ‘The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’ Meme Mean On Tiktok and Youtube

‘The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’ Meme has flooded the internet and everyone is looking for inner meaning. The phrase has found its way to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and most notably TikTok and everyone is trying to read between the lines to understand the true meaning behind it.

It is normal for weird phrases to go viral, previously we have come across the same many times but each one of them has an interesting backstory to boast. However, there is a new phrase that has riled up gen z i.e.‘The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’.

What does ‘The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host’ mean?

Truth be told, this is a bogus trend with no legitimate meaning behind it. The whole purpose of this was to start a new trend and this is all there is to it. No underlying or deeper meaning can be found so your digging ends here.

YouTuber Jonny RaZer is taking credit for the meme and we have nothing that points otherwise. According to him, RaZer flooded this phrase in the comment section across social media and it quickly gained traction eventually becoming a meme.

One doesn’t need a reason to start a trend like this and much like most trends with no backbone, this meme will fall out of favour in no time. Unfortunately like a lot of memes, this one has nothing to offer besides a meaningless phrase and there is no chance that this survives longer than a few days.

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