17 years later, the image of a gamer duct-taped to the ceiling is hitting headlines for all the delightful reasons. Throughout the years, playing video games and coming across humorous memes, a majority of us gamers have witnessed this hilarious shoot of a teenager duct-taped to the ceiling while playing Counter-Strike at a LAN party with a bunch of junior school buddies.

A documentary is in the making about this 17-year-old occurrence to take us through what exactly transpired that night? And more importantly why is the dude duct taped to the ceiling? The amusing image of this teenager reminisces us about the early days of gaming and essentially the nostalgic essense of Counter-Strike. The trailer of this documentary is at present out:

Trailer’s description read, “Coming soon, the true story behind one of the internet’s most famous photos – a pixelated image of a gamer duct-taped to the ceiling at a LAN party,” the trailer’s description reads.”

“The documentary film takes us back to a moment in time – March 29, 2003, in a basement in Mason, Michigan. You’ll meet some of the friends involved in this prank and learn more about the fabled photo’s history and mystery.”

The clip begins with a bunch of Counter-Strike in-game call-outs and motivational elevator pitches followed by the luminary that was duct taped to the ceiling, Drew Purvis. “Every generation has a legend!”, the trailer asserted. The legend goes into the flashback along with the lad that duct taped him followed by witty banter to foster hype around the upcoming documentary.