We sat down with the HellRaisers lineup to talk about DreamHack Delhi, their lineup, results, expectations and more.

TE: This is your first time in India, How do you feel? What are your first impressions?

scoobyxie: So, its pretty good here where the tournament is held, but outside it is unusual for us. For the European people, the traffic is heavy but actually its pretty good here.

TE: This is a new lineup. You guys have been together for around 3 months now but the results have not been quite convincing. What are your expectations from this event?

scoobyxie: It has been hard for us; sometimes we do well against better teams but sometimes we lose to some lower level teams. I guess we are still finding our game, but this is our tournament to win here for sure. We are here to win. I guess it will give us some confidence.

TE: You guys are the clear favourites to win DreamHack? How important is it for you to win this tournament under this new lineup?

scoobyxie: It is pretty important for us. We haven’t won anything together still, it will be a great beginning.

TE: CIS Teams have produced some brilliant runs in Majors and Big tournaments, Yet, what is it about these CIS teams that they are still underrated?

scoobyxie: CIS teams are always underrated at the Major events; 2 or 3 teams come through to the main qualifiers because of our great individual skills. CIS teams don’t play as the same style like the European teams. But, everyone is like everytime shocked but idk why but skill wise they are great but tactical wise as well

TE: Any messages or shoutouts that you would want to give?

scoobyxie: Shoutout to everyone who has cheered for us, shoutout to Hellraisers, shoutout to 1XBET