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Hyderabad likely to host DreamHack India event this year; dates revealed

UPDATE: The oranizers have issued a statement claiming the information is incorrect and was never a part of their website. Hence, DreamHack appears not to be a part of their event.

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Due to a slight blunder by India Game Developers Conference (IGDC) 2019, assorted information about the upcoming DreamHack India event is disclosed prior to the official announcement. Spotted by Rishi Alwani on IndiaGdc website, DreamHack India and the IGDC 2019 seems to be happening together at a common venue and at a common date. However, this might be speculative in nature as the official announcement from Nodwin Gaming is awaited.

This is supposedly the eleventh edition of India Game Developers Conference hosted in the capital city of Telangana. And, the sophomore iteration of DreamHack India will probably be held alongside IGDC 2019 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) on 22-23 November later this year.

India Game Developers Conference claims to be the ‘most significant’ developers’ conference in South Asia. The event is attended by industry professionals, expert speakers, investors, media, publishers, delegations alongside hosting 10 major events. DreamHack could be one amongst the ten events claimed by the organizers.

Previous edition of DreamHack India was a massive success. The event garnered huge crowd as the gamers not only from Mumbai but also from several parts of the country tuned in to witness one of the biggest event in the subcontinent. However, critics suggested that the event could have been much better if the organizers had efficiently focused on micro-management.

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