Organizers clarify DreamHack not a part of their event, contrary to their website

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TalkEsport, along with several other media outlets, had earlier run a story surrounding the probability of Dreamhack returning to India in 2019 to be a part of Indiajoy’s Digital event series Indiajoy 2019 in Hyderabad in November.

The supposed story was run based on information available on their website itself (which now appears to be removed), with an image of partnering events including Dreamhack as well. However, Indiajoy have now come up with a unsatisfactory clarification on their Facebook page, stating that the ‘rumours’ are false and that Dreamhack will not form part of Indiajoy, 2019.

It is rather surprising that, despite the information once being publicly available, Indiajoy have iterated that the articles were published without their ‘concent’ (to be read as consent). The organisers have issued a request to all publishing houses to remove (ergo edit) the story and not post such information without prior confirmation, which is baffling since it was information available on a public domain.

For now though, gamers now have to wait for an official DreamHack announcement until then, you have to settle with other events & esports activities happening in India.

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