How To Use COD Mobile Random Class Generator

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A thrid-party fan made tool has just graced the internet that generates random loadouts for you to try at COD Mobile. Trying out different loadouts can be fun, given when the game offers to many to try out.

How to Use the Random Class Generator for COD Mobile

The COD Mobile Random Loadout Generator is a web based 3rd party tool which created by PreviousCoast0 and DaMagicPlays, two acid Call of Duty: Mobile players. The tool is designed to mix and match and put together a random loadout which otherwise would take up a lot of time and can be confusing at times.

The tool can randomize the following items:

  • Primary weapon and attachments
  • Secondary weapon
  • Battle Royal class
  • Lethal equipment
  • Tactical equipment
  • Operator skill
  • Red, green, and blue perks

To use the Random Loadout Generator, head over to the official GitHub website. Upon landing on the website, click on the GENERATE CLASS button and your random loadout will be generated.

The generated loadout can be shared anywhere else with a copy button near the top right corner of the loadout box. Click on this button loadout will be copied to your clipboard.

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