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What is hip fire in COD Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile is the flagship title of Activision in the mobile gaming industry. This game brings out multiple elements of COD franchise to the mobile screens. One of the key aspects of this game is its mechanism and hip firing is an essential attribute in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile is completely based on shooting players with accuracy and bringing them down to achieve certain objectives. The objectives could be holding sites, acquiring targets or even getting a certain number of kills. The shooting aspect of this game is heavily impacted by the hip fire and its rates.

Each gun has its own attributes and an important part of that is hip firing rate and accuracy. Hip firing essentially means firing guns without using the scope or ADS. The accuracy of firing changes greatly with even a small thing such as scoping in or out.

Guns like SMGs always have a high hip-firing rate in short range but their accuracy drops down greatly as the distance is increased. Players can use SMGs in close quarters and with a good hip fire accuracy, they can take down opponents very easily.

Assault rifles and their hip fires are quite different as each one has a special feature. Some guns are well known for their stability and yet, their hip fire is not as strong as other weapons which are difficult to handle.

Essentially, hip firing is considered when players need to shoot their enemies with scope and sometimes, it can be done while moving as well. Players can select their guns according to hip fire but remember, ADS accuracy is always better than hip firing in COD Mobile.

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