How to play Neon? Valorant’s fastest agent 19

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Valorant’s newest power ranger, Neon, is firing on all cylinders to speed up the game meta. Here’s how to play Neon and outpace the opponents. 

Riot Games has just rolled out a brand new agent that shoots laser blasts from fingers and can dive up to seven meters. Neon is stylish, electrifying, and fast. Her kit is pretty simple to understand, but her speed is tough to tackle. Here’s how players can squeeze full juice out of Neon’s kit. 

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How to play Neon in Valorant?

Neon is equipped with a Fast Lane, Relay Bolt, and High Gear. Her ultimate Overdrive is a combination of electricity and speed, setting her apart from any other Valorant agent. Here are a few tips for playing Neon and utilizing her kit efficiently. 

Fast Lane (C) 

Facts: Neon is supplied with dual oceanic curtains that block enemy vision and render damage. For 300 creds, Fast Lane generates a total of 170 damage to enemies who come in consistent contact with the electric lane. The 47-meter wall stays up for six seconds, enough to provide safe routes on most Valorant maps. 

How to use: Fast Lane mostly comes in handy on the attacker side. Use these barriers to create a safe path towards the bomb point. On maps like Split, Breeze, Ascent, players must pick Neon for her Fast Lane to increase their odds of winning. Neon players can create a safe route into the site to get the Spike plant on straight entryways. Attackers can also use it as bait by activating the walls and peeking from the starting point as enemies often start spamming into the Fast Lane. When they’re aiming at the barriers, peek at them to get bonus kills. 

On defense, Neon can pick first fights using her High Gear and then escape the duel with the help of her Fast Lane. The barriers allow her to divide multiple duels into sections to take down enemies one by one. 

Relay Bolt (Q)

Facts: Relay bolt is Valorant’s most powerful concuss so far as it splits into two areas upon bouncing. This crowd control power destabilizes enemies’ vision and delays their firing. For 200 creds, players get a concussion that winds up in 1.15 seconds and maims enemies for three seconds. 

How to use: Relay Bolt isn’t Neon’s most powerful ability, but it comes in handy during heavy duel situations. Using her concuss ball, the agent can draw opponents out of their hiding spots. It’s recommended to use it mid-fights so the dual crowd control can render maximum damage to enemies within its AoE. Make sure you’re throwing it in from safety. Pairing with another agents’ molotov will warrant an easy ability-kill. 

High Gear (E) 

Facts: High Gear provides Neon with supersonic powers, allowing her to run at the speed of light. The agent draws strength from her lightning tank and comes to a halt once the tank depletes. She can also slide up to seven meters, but she must bag two kills to dive more than once. During High Gear, Neon can’t equip a weapon and leaves faint footsteps behind.

How to use: This is one of her most viable powers, as she can outpace her speed contender Jett. Use this ability to escape risky situations or to break into sites. Paired with her light curtains, the agent becomes extremely powerful on the attacking side. It’s recommended to buy a Bucky or Judge to extract full use out of Neon. Press E and burst into enemies with powerful shotguns to bag bonus kills. This ability becomes ultra-OP when enemies are blind-sighted, and least expect an agent to be on them. 

How to use Neon’s ultimate? 

Facts: Neon’s Overdrive (X) is hands down one of the most overpowered ultimates in Valorant. On seven ult points, the agent runs fast and draws all her energy into the tip of her fingers. Laser blasts shoot from her tips, dealing a maximum of 22 damage per tick. She can also slide during her ult and equip weapons as well. However, her tank would continue to use the energy once she activates Overdrive. She’s provided with 40 ammo per magazine and an infinite reserve. When Neon depletes her tank, it reloads after a brief delay. 

How to use: Learning curve of Neon’s Overdrive isn’t as high. Jett players can easily control their movement and shoot lightning blasts at enemies. Use this ability when you spot multiple enemies in your sight with less cover. It’s not recommended to activate Overdrive for one enemy on larger locations. By the time you find the second opponent, her light tank would have been depleted. 

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