How to make and farm money in Cyberpunk 2077

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Now that gates of Night City are open, everyone is in dire need of some “eddies” to get themselves some gears and guns. As stunning as Night City looks, it is very hard to survive in the future dystopia. Players can’t generate money out of thin air, but like any other open-world game, jobs can be picked up to earn some extra cash.


Side quests also called side jobs and gigs are missions and doing them is a quick source of eddies fast and easy. These quests are available in different difficulty levels, with rewards increasing with the difficulty. These jobs are spread throughout the city and can be picked up easily. They offer a good amount of eddies for jobs that don’t take much time.

A Hired Gun

Much like the name suggests, these missions involve killing a certain target with a bounty on their head. Similar to regular quests, these missions offer eddies in exchange for assassinating a target. There are several people in the city who will wish to hire a gun, which sometimes includes to Night City Police Department. Most targets are heavily guarded and offer a good amount of eddies once the assassination is done.

Selling Loot

During the stay in Night City, players will pick up a lot of valuable items that will be of no use to them, but there are vendors willing to trade it in exchange for eddies. A simple trade for items that you picked up during missions, in exchange for eddies, it can’t get any easier. Drop points are spread throughout the city where such trades take place. Vendors will offer eddies in exchange for Guns, Gears, and Valuables.

Craft and hack access points

Other than valuables, players will also come across raw materials that can be crafted into valuable and which vendors offer good money for. They can be sold across all drop points in the city. Other than crafting, players will encounter several access points vulnerable to hacking, where players can transfer banks from those bank accounts onto their own.

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