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How To Get Coal in Palworld: Best Mining Locations

With the growing popularity of Palworld over the past few days, players from throughout the globe are tuning into the title to explore the mysterious Palpagos Islands.

If you’ve been finding yourself immersed in Palworld lately, driven by the desire to progress within the game, you’ll soon encounter the necessity for diverse resources to upgrade your base and craft essential items.

While acquiring early-game resources such as Paldium Fragments and Ore may prove relatively simple, as you advance and enhance your base, the demand for advanced items to sustain your progression rate becomes increasingly apparent.

For instance, you’ll be needing new resources like Sulphur and Coal to make weapons, Pal Spheres, and various base upgrades.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about mining coal in Palworld. We will go through the most important coal locations in Palworld where you can safely mine for this precious resource, and also provide you with some tips to get coal faster in the game.

What To Do With Coal in Palworld?

Before we check out the exact locations where you can get coal in Palworld, we need to understand what the uses of coal are in the game.

Coal can be used to produce a bunch of different things in Palworld including structures, Carbon Fibre, Spheres, and more. For instance, you’ll need coal to make Refined Ingots, which can then be used to make Ultra Spheres.

Where To Get Coal in Palworld: Coal Mining Locations

There are a lot of different locations scattered throughout Palpagos Islands where you can mine coal. In this article, we’ll only showcase the best locations to mine coal where you’ll be able to get a decent chunk of coal in only a few minutes of mining.

You can also consider setting up a base in one of these locations to have your Pals mine coal for you. 

Palworld Coal Locations: Verdant Brook

The best location to mine coal in Palworld is around the coordinates (189, -40). It’s located in the Verdant Brook and it’s recommended for players to get a flying mount to get to this location, as the nearest Fast Travel point is downhill from this area.

The aforementioned location also has eight ore nodes near each other, which makes it a great spot to set up your second base.

Another great coal location in the Verdant Brook area is around (290, -20).

Palworld Coal Locations: Desert

If you have your heat and cold-resistant armor ready, you can consider going into the desert to get a good amount of coal within a short time frame.

Here are some coordinates where you can find several coal nodes near:

  • (-156, -90)
  • (-98, -120)
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