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Third Edition of Esportz Premier Series Concludes in Epic Fashion

Championing Esports Excellence: Mumbai's NESCO Center Hosts the Esportz Premier Series Finale

The third installment of the Esportz Premier Series, a prestigious yearly esports championship, recently concluded its Grand Finale at Mumbai’s NESCO Center, spanning an eventful two days on January 19th and 20th. This grand event attracted a diverse group of participants including gamers, fans, athletes, streamers, content creators, and various brands, firmly establishing itself as a comprehensive gaming spectacle.

From an initial pool exceeding 20,000 participants in the year-long qualifiers open to everyone, 80 elite esports athletes emerged, representing various Indian cities. These athletes gathered in Mumbai to demonstrate their prowess and compete at an elite level. The event, attracting over 6500 spectators, was buzzing with excitement as fans gathered to watch their favorite athletes, engage in gaming activities, and participate in meet-and-greets. Prominent organizations like Orangutan Gaming, The World of Battle, Enigma Gaming, Marcos Gaming, and TSG Army were present, along with renowned players such as Pahadi Gaming, Charanjot Singh, Davlish Singh, and others, all displaying their exceptional skills.

The tournament’s inclusive approach across multiple genres allowed participants and spectators alike to immerse themselves fully. Victories were seen across various games, with Enigma Gaming winning in Counter-Strike 2 (PC), a Random Team in Pokemon Unite (Mobile), Davlish Singh in Assetto Corsa Competizione (Sim Racing), Charanjot Singh in EA FC 24 (Console), and Head Hunters in a mobile game. These winners proudly lifted the Yearlong Trophy, marking their success in the series.

Significant brands like Logitech G, Rooter, Glance, Rapoo, and JioGames significantly enhanced the event, each playing a pivotal role. A particularly thrilling match featured The Mafia’s against Team JSR, with The Mafia’s claiming victory, adding to the event’s excitement. Fans also had the chance to meet and interact with popular gaming figures, receive limited edition merchandise, and be part of an unforgettable experience.

Santosh Smith, Director of Capital Group, expressed deep gratitude towards all stakeholders, fans, gamers, and contributors for making the event a resounding success. He emphasized the collective effort and passion of the gaming community in making this edition the most significant and memorable to date. The series garnered impressive viewership stats, with 5.95M+ views and 700M+ impressions. Broadcasted live on multiple platforms, the event reached a global audience, with additional content such as highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage available on various social media platforms.

This edition was also notable for hosting one of the first large-scale open-for-all Sim Racing competitions, featuring Assetto Corsa Competizione. Looking forward, the fourth edition of the Esportz Premier Series is set to bring new excitement, games, and formats, maintaining its commitment to being open-for-all and multi-genre. For the latest updates in gaming and esports, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit esportz.in.

Pranav Nalawade
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