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YouTuber smoking cannabis runs over a pedestrian on livestream

Popular streamer “VP” known for regular drug usage and promoting the same on her live streams ran over a pedestrian while smoking weed during her latest live stream.

VP struck a pedestrian in Los Angeles while driving during a live stream. While chatting with her viewers, the VP was smoking cannabis when viewers heard a loud thump. After the collision, VP quickly stopped the vehicle and opened the door to check on the person she hit, turns out they were fine but it could have easily led to something worse.

“I didn’t see her!” she said. “I was looking, I didn’t see you. I’m telling you, I did not see you. Just tell me how I can help?” she added.

Soon after the incident, she quit the livestream to dissolve the situation and for obvious reasons, her audience assumed she would be arrested and charged but to everyone’s surprise, the police let her go. The pedestrian she hit was fine and looks like they decided not to press charges which aided her in getting away with it.

Driving under the influence is a crime even though it is legal to smoke cannabis in California. Assuming the “weed” did not come to the attention of the police she was let go in no time. Suffice it to say that she was lucky as such actions could lead to worse.

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