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Pokimane Announces Departure from Twitch, Citing Desire for Independence and Inclusivity

Pokimane, one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers, recently announced her departure from the platform after over a decade. The decision, she revealed in her podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone with Pokimane,” was driven by a desire for greater independence and to distance herself from the increasingly toxic culture on Twitch, which she referred to as “manosphere, red pill bullshit.”

Pokimane criticized the platform for its management, moderation, and handling of partnerships, expressing frustration with Twitch’s approach to changes and its slow response to issues, particularly concerning the ban process.

Furthermore, she highlighted the male-dominated nature of the community on Twitch and the regression she’s observed, particularly the normalization of bigotry and other troubling behaviors.

Despite her long-standing relationship with Twitch, Pokimane emphasized her goal to foster a safe and inclusive environment, something she felt the platform was lacking, especially for minority streamers.

In pursuit of this vision, she plans to explore streaming on other platforms like YouTube, aiming for a broader reach and a more diverse, welcoming community

Divyesh Moghe
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