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How to become a Pro Player in Free Fire

Free Fire is currently one of the biggest esports title in India. The user base of Garena Free Fire in the country is humongous and the developers are dedicated to flourish the esports scene of their mobile title.

Free Fire has been on the rise since last year and its esports side has grown exponentially in India in recent times. The tournament production is better, prize money is huge and well-known organizations have formed their rosters surrounding Free Fire.

If you are looking to become a professional in Free Fire esports, here are some tips to kickstart your career early on.

The quality of Free Fire esports was not as big as we now know. In the early days, the tournaments were organized on a smaller scale and even the prize money was small.

This changed after Free Fire launched their first edition of FFIC in 2020 with a big prize pool of ₹50,00,000.

This grabbed the focus of many and as a result, big names started to enter the scene.

Currently, many top-tier organizations are competing in Free Fire in India and Garena already has big plans to sustain this ecosystem in India for a long time.

It is very lucrative to think about becoming a professional player in any game but each title has its fair share of hardships before one can even begin to step into the limelight.

The struggle of raising from the casual players to underdogs to becoming the a powerhouse is a long journey but taking a first step is absolutely necessary to climb the ladder.

If you want to be a pro in Free Fire, here are some tips that you can follow to make a name for yourself and hopefully become a professional player in the process.

Understand the mechanics of the game:

This is the most basic thing that one should know before even thinking about becoming a pro. If you do not know Free Fire in utmost depth, you have not yet started your journey.

Mechanism of this game include smallest details like reload timing of the guns, firing rate and even abilities of your character and how long you can engage in a battle on a equal footing.

It is not necessary to know the numbers but once you get a hang of how things work in the game, you can actually try to become better at it.

For instance, if you already know how a specific gun will work and how many bullets you will require to drop down an enemy, you will confidently engage in the battle with a certain idea of how things will play out and hence, if you need to adapt quickly for some changes, you have an upper hand and can win the skirmishes much easily.

Things like terrain details, building structures and more such information is crucial when you are playing competitively. Make sure you learn these things before moving to the other things.

Form a Team

It is absolutely important that you form a team which is focused on winning tournaments and playing the game competitively. This team can be with your friends, guild mates or others but the focus should be on playing the game more strategically and not just for fun.

When you have a team to grind with, almost half of the work is done. Start practicing with your team and play as many games with them as you can. It is important to build synergy, understand your team and communicate correctly in order to win the games.

When you are ready with a team, it is necessary to communicate with them outside of the games and form a strong bond.

It is also important to assess individual skill levels and assign roles to each and every teammate in the process. Assigning roles will distribute several tasks among the team and you can utilize your time in matches more efficiently.

This helps in making common decisions spontaneously in heated situations and hence, less time is wasted on discussing things. Once you have a team you are comfortable with, move on to the next step.

Participate in Scrims and Local tournaments

Here is where you will start to make a name for yourself in the competitive scene. No matter how well you play, if you do not highlight your skills in the local circuit, you will have less chance of climbing the ladder.

Make sure to participate in as many local tournaments and scrimmages as possible. Many tournament organizers have discord groups where they regularly arrange for such practice matches.

Fame is not the only thing that you will gain by winning such tournaments, you will also learn a lot about your team and the play style with which the entire squad is comfortable.

Understanding where your comfort zones lie is a necessary step in moving forward with a set roster. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can then shuffle among the roles and even try to assign a captain to give out calls in some situations.

This approach helps the team build a new strategic approach towards the game and prepares you for the actual tournaments in the future.

Enroll in official tournaments

Once you have enough game knowledge, a good roster and ample experience, it is time to test it all on the official platforms.

Free Fire organizes some big events throughout the years and while some of them are invitational, most of the tournaments like FFIC are open-for-all and here is where you can put up a performance.

Keep grinding till such an opportunity shows up and once it does, put in all of your hard work at test and qualify in the further stages.

It is important to note that the competition is very fierce to qualify for higher rounds in a open-for-all tournament so you might not make it in the first shot but the key is to remain persistent.

Be consistent with your practice schedule, keep grinding until you get a chance to highlight yourself and make necessary changes to your game style and roster with time to keep up with the changing trends.

Professional players have all been through rigorous training and put in hundreds of hours in their game excel at it. Be patient and hone your skills to make it to the top and play Free Fire professionally in the future.

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