LOL Wild Rift Teemo Guide: Abilities, Runes, Builds and more

LOL Wild Rift Teemo

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the portable version of the famous MOBA title League of Legends. This game is quickly gaining popularity across the world and while it is still in its open beta stages, it is accessible to almost each and every region except the Americas. Riot Games is regularly adding new champions to the Rift and recently, the Yordle army made its way to LOL Wild Rift and Teemo is one of them.

Teemo was recently added to the game along with four other Yordle champions. A month-long quest was added alongside this champion release, which was the first biggest event in LOL: Wild Rift. Teemo is absolutely a blockbuster pick in the current meta and can demolish any opponent.

LOL Wild Rift Teemo Details:

Teemo is a Bandle scout Yordle according to his in-game lore. Teemo is the first specialist champion to be added to the Wild Rift and has a unique kit that can absolutely destroy the enemies if played correctly. Teemo is currently a top-tier pick in the Baron lane matchups but this champion can also be played with enough versatility in the midlane. Here is an overview of his skills.


A short introduction to his skills and passive is given below:

  • Toxic Shot(Passive): Toxic Shot adds additional magic damage to Teemo’s auto attacks and deals with small DPS over four seconds. His passive can be stacked alongside some items to deal more damage in the late game.
  • First Skill – Blinding Dart: This ability blinds the enemies which makes them miss a hit or on-hit abilities. This ability also deals a good amount of additional damage and is the main skill to focus on in the early game.
  • Second Skill – Move Quick: Teemo rolls in the designated direction after using this skill. It also boosts movement speed temporarily. This is a great escape tool for this champion.
  • Third Skill – Guerilla Warfare: Teemo camouflages itself for a short duration and gains bonus attack speed. Camouflage is paused while in bushes and does not fade away after using other skills and summoner spells.
  • Ultimate – Noxious Trap: Places a toxic mushroom that becomes invisible after a second. When the enemy walks over it, the mushroom explodes and deals magic damage while slowing down enemies.

In-game Role

Teemo can adapt to any lane but it is best to use him in a solo lane like Baron. In one-on-one combat, Teemo already gains a slight edge over others due to the range buff. Most of the champions played in Baron lane are melee type and hence, Teemo can absolutely stomp them. His first skill can be used to deny farm to his opponents and ultimate can be placed as wards around crucial locations which might give him space to roam around in the mid-game. Using Teemo in mid lane is also an option but we do not recommend it.

Teemo Builds and Runes

The core item for Teemo right now is Liandry’s Torment. It applies to burn effect on the target and if stacked with Teemo’s passive, it deals a lot of damage in the process. Each auto-attack will be aided with Liandry’s buff and hence, it is absolutely recommended to build this as the first item. The other items for Teemo are given below. You can shuffle between the last two items as per your choice. Also, it is necessary to remember that boot enchants should be picked according to your opponent’s matchup and in-game conditions. Build a locket if you are going for a defensive approach or you can go for Stasis enchant for pulling off more gutsy plays. The items used for AP scaling to play a consistent game are as follows:

  • Item One(Core) – Liandry’s Torment
  • Item Two – Ninja Tabis to Boot Enchants (Locket, Stasis, Protobelt, or more)
  • Item Three – Nashor’s Tooth
  • Item Four – Rylai’s Crystal Scepter
  • Item Five – Morellonomicon
  • Item Six – Infinity Orb

If you are looking for an ADC based build for Teemo, you can build items as follows:

  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Ninja’s Tabi
  • Nashor’s Tooth
  • Runnan’s Hurricane
  • Liandry’s Torment
  • Rapid Firecannon

The rune tree for Teemo is pretty straight forward. You want to dish out maximum damage through your ability kit and remain healthy at the same time. You can use the Rune tree given below for optimum damage and sustainability.

  • Keystone: Grasp of the Undying
  • Domination: Brutal
  • Resolve: Regeneration
  • Inspiration: Sweet Tooth

Grasp of the Undying is probably the best rune for Teemo right now. It deals extra damage based on the HP and also regenerates some of it in the process. This can also be stacked alongside his passive to gain an extra advantage. Brutal is simply used for more damage. Regeneration is helpful to recover the mana and HP without visiting the fountain quite often. Sweet Tooth offers extra gold after consuming a Honey Fruit and hence, it will give Teemo extra gold and HP in Baron Lane.


Teemo is a simple champion if played correctly. You should only harass your enemies by using the first skill in the early game and sometimes use the third skill to surprise your opponents from the bushes. Use your dash skill to back out safely or step forward and hit the opponents with extra attack speed. The motive of using Teemo’s ultimate is scouting all over the map and keep vision control. Use it on key locations like side lane bushes, enemy jungle, and near Dragon or Baron Pit to provide valuable information for your teammates and gain an upper hand without wasting the available wards.

We hope that this guide will aid you in understanding the play style of Teemo and play him perfectly in LOL Wild Rift. Good Luck.

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