Heroic Survive Tyloo Scare on Opening Day of PGL Major, Go 1-0 Up

Heroic join the ranks of FaZe, CPH, VP, Movistar Riders, and BIG to go 1-0 up in the Challengers Stage on Day 1 of PGL Major Stockholm. They were the heavy favorites coming into the game but were given more than a run for their money by Asian powerhouse Tyloo. Heroic have had their share of problems outside the server, but that mess is sorted and well out of their way now as they aim for a deep run at the Major.


1. TYLOO removed Nuke

2. TYLOO removed Overpass

3. Heroic removed Mirage

4. Heroic removed Dust2

5. Heroic removed Ancient

6. TYLOO removed Vertigo

7. Inferno was leftover

A standard veto saw Inferno being played out for the third time today after paiN lost to VP and Mouz beat Sharks. 

Tyloo started on the T side and to say they were unlucky would be an understatement. The Chinese managed 7 rounds on the T side, but that number would’ve been way higher if they had not lost 3 crucial clutches. Heroic held their nerve at the start but did drop 4 rounds in a row at the end to give Tyloo a fighting chance at 8-7.

On the CT side, Tyloo managed to take the lead for the first time – winning the pistol and the subsequent rounds to go up 10-8. But Heroic took the reins from then on and didnt let go, only allowing an odd round here and there as they took the Asians to the cleaners. Martin ‘stavn’ Lund stood out with 25 frags to his name as Heroic comfortably closed the map 16-11. The scoreline could’ve been much closer had Tyloo not lost 7 of the 8 clutch situations they were put in. 

As expected, Heroic go 1-0 up and will play Mouseports who are also 1-0. Tyloo go down 0-1 and will play Brazilian team Sharks later today.