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karrigan shines as FaZe secure victory over Spirit

The first match of the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major for both sides, end in favour of the EU squad as the stars on FaZe Clan align to get off to a flying start over Team Spirit at the challengers’ stage.

Given the inconsistencies with FaZe Clan over the past few months, Team Spirit boasted a good chance to take the W but it can be a difficult job when FaZe offers a showing like this.

The veto ended in Overpass as the map where Spirit has looked sketchy in recent times and is their worst map statistically which brought questions to their game plan right off the bat and poorly played pistol round on the CT side Spirit added to their miseries.

FaZe Clan’s Helvijs ‘broky’ Sauskants and Russel ‘twistzz’ Van Dulken looked crisp with others stepping up when needed. Finn ‘karrigan’ Anderson slotted himself in the lurker role and worked wonders while leading a well-organized T-side. Off the back of his flanks, FaZe were able to convert anti-ecos which were right there for Spirit’s taking.

Leading 9 rounds to 6 on the T sid, FaZe secured a decent cushion before moving onto their CT, which is considered relatively easier when taking about Overpass. Despite losing 6 rounds, FaZe never looked like they weren’t in control of the game, thanks to Karrigan making it extremely difficult for the Russians to find a footing with a well thought out game plan.

CT side for FaZe looked much more solid than their previous showings on Overpass, Spiritonly managed 5 rounds before FaZe reached 16, off the back of steller multi-frags from the site anchors as well excellent reads made by their skipper.

karrigan who is often called out for his inconsistencies showed up as the highest-rated player for FaZe, looking beyond the stats will show the whole team performed well as a unit to take down Spirit which wasn’t supposed to be as easy as it looked.

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