Sources claim GTA 4 & RDR1 remasters were scrapped

Rockstar Games seem to be fully devoted towards the development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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A recent report from Twitter user @TezFunz2 suggests that Rockstar Games had planned to rework two of their games, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption 1 but later scrapped the plans to go forward with the same. Initially, they had to follow the launch of the GTA: Trilogy rework but was called off as they instead chose to actively work on the development of the next Grand Theft Auto title. 

Earlier in February, Rockstar Games revealed their goals for the next Grand Theft Auto game where they surprised the community with sudden news which indeed took everyone by storm. But with their current launch featuring the remastered version of the GTA: Trilogy, Rockstar were to plan on remodeling GTA IV and RDR1 although they were rescheduled for the future after the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto hits the store. 

The sales of the GTA: Trilogy might have indeed thwarted Rockstar’s plans to further remodel their old titles and instead work on getting out the newest addition to their open-world featurette.

On July 5, Kotaku confirmed Tez2’s tweet which said Rockstar would be working on GTA 6 which won’t sabotage their initial plans on bringing out remastered versions of GTA IV and RDR1. 

Tez2 also revealed that Rockstar were yet to start if they were to rework their older titles and they were just ideas that had been pitched and remained the same for years.

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