GamingMonk Now Has A Million Users On Their Platform

GamingMonk is now a community of 1 Million Gamers.

Photo: GamingMonk

India based GamingMonk, a community-oriented esports competitive platform has reached a million user base.

Being one of the India’s largest Esports community platforms, GamingMonk aims to spread awareness about gaming and its competitive scene.

Started by Ashwin Haryani & Abhay Sharma in 2015 as a gaming e-commerce company, GamingMonk has pivoted to an esports platform since.

GamingMonk operates across three fundamental verticals that aims to fulfill user engagement and satisfaction: Play, Watch and Discover.

  • Play: GamingMonk organizes competitive online and offline gaming tournaments for games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, WCC Rivals, Clash Royale, FIFA 20, etc. Users can participate in multiple tournaments throughout the day and win cash prizes.
  • Watch: Users can watch live streams of various tournaments conducted by GamingMonk throughout the day, and also consume video content around Esports and Gaming.
  • Discover: Users can discover new games, new content around games, and engage with other gamers across India through the discover section.

All of us at GamingMonk are excited to hit this milestone of 1 million users. We started off doing small-scale offline events inside restaurants/cafes with just 80-100 participants, today we conduct 100+ tournaments online everyday replicating the same competitive and social experience of those offline events. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our users who have shown immense support & love for GamingMonk.

Ashwin Haryani, co-founder, GamingMonk

The company recently hit the 1 million user mark, where more than 300,000 of those users were acquired in the last 3 months itself.