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Zotac Publicly endorses GPU mining farm in a Tweet

PC builders and gamers around the world are having a hard time getting their hands on new graphics cards and high-end CPUs. Due to increased demand and very limited supply, gamers are either expected to wait for months for things to normalize or pay extra for the hardware that scalpers got their hands on first. 

Now, imagine a company that sells GPUs for both AMD and Nvidia advertising a GPU mining farm that features high-end and super hard to get GPUs. 

Well, Zotac is the company that publicly advertised a mining farm on Twitter using its official account. In a now-deleted tweet, Zotac published a photo showing a mining rig featuring Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge graphics cards. Zotac even went ahead and tagged the photo with pro-pc gaming tags like #PcGaming, #PCMR, #PcMasterRace, etc. While these mining farms have little to do with actual gaming, Zotac’s tag feels more like an insult than praise for PC Gamers. 

Gamers should note that Zotac is the same company whose hardware is super hard to find and even if you are lucky to get one, it comes at a premium. It looks like the company has no intentions to fight miners and has decided to engage directly in business with miners over gamers.

Source: Computerbase

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