Since October, Valve has been making some “Big moves”, from reworking the old and clunky library UI on steam to EA making comeback on Steam or to the rumoured partnership with Apple for developing an AR headset, Valve have been on a spree of announcements.

And these rumours/announcements aren’t slowing down either. According to a report by SteamDB, Valve may be working on launching its own Cloud Gaming service, something similar to Google Stadia and Microsoft XCloud.

According to an update on the Steam partner site code, Steam partners will be able to offer their games on “Steam Cloud Gaming”. Partners will need to sign an updated “Café DistributionAddendum” agreeing to Steam’s terms after which their games will be made available on the Cloud Library.

Currently it isn’t clear how and when Valve will be launching this service. All these code updates can just be part of an internal project that may get scraped, so take this report with a grain of salt and wait for more updates.

But if the report is true, then we can see a number of games making their way to cloud, from major AAA releases to indie games enabling us to play our favourite games anytime and anywhere without any device limitations.