GTA 6’s development might be facing issues


GTA 6 isn’t coming anytime soon, given how Rockstar’s previous title, Red Dead Redemption 2 was eight years in the making, and Grand Theft Auto V itself was released eight years ago.

It seems that GTA 6’s development has been messy and “chaotic” according to Rockstar Mag, known for reporting usually-reliable information related to Rockstar Games’ projects. Rockstar Mag’s Chris Klippel states that GTA 6 is Rockstar’s “most chaotic project since its creation” and that development has been rebooted multiple times over the years which would put difficulties surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2’s and GTA 4’s development to shame. 

Most of the issues apparently stem from Rockstar’s co-founder, Dan Houser’s departure from the company last year which caused internal turmoil due to which the game’s storyline, characters, and map have been overhauled numerous times since the game was supposedly gearing up for a 2020 reveal.

It is important to note that none of these rumors have been confirmed by Rockstar Games themselves, although if you’re itching for more Grand Theft Auto, the remastered trilogy arrives in less than two weeks.

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