COD Warzone bans 500K cheaters

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Raven Software, developer of COD Warzone shared on Twitter that in the latest ban wave over 30,000 “malicious accounts” were banned bringing the total number of the banned accounts to over 500,000 since its launch last year. 

On Twitter, Raven Software wrote:

Banned over 30,000 malicious accounts across Call of Duty yesterday… bringing us to over half a million accounts banned in #Warzone

It’s not a secret from COD players and fans that Warzone has a big cheater problem plaguing the game. Since its launch last year, Raven Software has banned a multitude of cheaters across various ban waves and continues to do so even now. While the developers are constantly updating the anti-cheat software and measures, the cheat providers and cheaters are getting increasingly harder to detect. Just last year in October, Activision had announced that over 200,000 cheaters were banned following an anti-cheat update that detected the infamous “EngineOwning” cheats and in February 2021, the number of banned cheaters reached 300,000. 

Now, in less than 3 months’ time over 200,000 accounts have received banhammer. This puts the total number of banned accounts (across all platforms) to over 500,000. Earlier this year, Raven had announced that they are committed to keeping Warzone “clean” and cheater-free.

Raven plans to tackle the cheating problem include issuing bans seven days a week, tackling the commercial market of cheat providers and resellers, and stopping cheaters from moving to alternate accounts. Aside from anti-cheat measures, Raven is also working to fix exploits in Warzone, including a map exploit in Verdansk ’84, one that had a Mini Gun spawning from Supply Boxes, and one that allowed players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely.

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