Battlefield 2042 is one of the worst-rated games on Steam

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042, which was officially released just three days ago on November 19, has somehow managed to become one of the worst-reviewed Battlefield titles on Valve’s digital storefront, Steam despite releasing a month after its original release date.

According to Steam, Battlefield 2042 currently has 37,000+ reviews, out of which only 26% of the reviews are positive (11,259) while the rest of the reviews are full of complaints about the game’s rough launch. 

Its blatantly clear that a one month delay simply wasn’t enough for DICE to polish the game as one Steam user lists down several issues and missing features from the game, basic and essential features that were present in previous Battlefield titles such as VOIP, player scoreboards, Deathmatch modes, and a server browser. While another user says  “Give this game 2 years to fix itself but by then you’d already forgotten this game existed and would have spent money on something actually deserving of your time.”

Although EA has released a Day 1 patch that addressed several issues including Rubber banging, stuttering, and several other bugs that plagued the game’s Hazard Zone & Portal modes and several planned updates are in the works which will focus on fixing Soldier Revives, UAV-1 & Vehicle Balancing, and Missing Loadouts.

“It’s been great welcoming you all back onto the Battlefield throughout our Early Access launch,” EA tweeted, “These changes, and more, are presently scheduled for deploy at the end of next week.”