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Battlefield 2042 Stickers Added to CSGO Ahead of Game’s Release

Valve shipped a new update to their premium FPS, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new update includes the Battlefield 2042 sticker capsule, to mark the release of the New Battlefield on Steam.

BF2042 releases November 19th and will be available globally. As of now the game is in early access and only a handful of people have gotten to play the game, mostly content creators.

Battlefield V was the last title in the series and came out in 2018 and received major updates until the summer of 2020. The new game is also a nod to the first Battlefield, Battlefield 1942 that came out 15 years ago in 2006. 

This isnt the first time Valve has added stickers that commemorate a different game as previously Halo Stickers as well as Half-Life Alyx stickers had also been added to the game.

The new BF 2042 sticker capsule consists of 12 Unique Designs with 10 Paper stickers, 4 Holo and 3 Foil Stickers and is available for purchase in-game in CSGO.

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