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All Full Length Movies in High On Life

High On Life has to be one of the most unique games of his decade. The developers have presented the players with an environment that is peaceful and thrilling at the same time.

The game is completely developed to give the players a sense of psychological thrill blended with violence with an eerie feeling that never leaves you in your journey into the game. However, the game has several unique elements including movies that are unlocked as you progress into the story.

There are a plethora of full-length movies which is clearly connected to the main character given their obsession with movies. Although the posters in the living room indicate other movies, the ones that there are in the game are no less marvellous. They are full-length movies that are canon and are viewable in the secret movie theatre where you can watch all of them while unlocking achievements at the same time.

Not all the movies are available right away but they unlock as you progress into the game. The movies are different from each other and present a different angle to what the player can perceive out of the game and its storyline. We have put together all the movies in the game:

All Full-Length Movies in High On Life

  • Tammy and The T-Rex – Released in 1994, this sci-fi comedy follows a teen whose boyfriend’s brain has been implanted into an animatronic dinosaur.
  • Vampire Hookers – Released in 1978, Vampire Hookers is a Horror / Comedy based on an aging vampire with a harem of sexy, sexy vampires who lure young sailors to their death.
  • Blood Harvest – Released in 1987, this slasher film features a young woman who returns to an empty home and a town full of people getting their throats cut.
  • Demon Wind – Released in 1990, Demon Wind is a horror movie that follows a man’s investigation into his parents’ death, which leads to both a haunted mansion and a date with a demon.

These movies get unlocked as you progress in the game and everyone one of them is unique in its own right. As creepy as they are, it is interesting to discover the stories that they have in store for us. Nevertheless, all of them are highly spine-chilling.

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