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High on Life: How to find Secret Movie Theater?

One of High On Life’s worst-kept secrets is that the game includes four movies. You may view four absolutely horrible movies that the game’s creators bought the rights to while playing. The first one will be seen in your own home since Gene will never stop watching Tammy and The T-Rex. However, if you want to see more, you may go to a real, hidden movie theater in High on Life.

You’ll be given the option to either tour the city or keep taking on bounties after seeing the mayor of Blim City, which will occur after you’ve beaten the first two G3 bounty bosses. The movie theatre may be visited at any time, however, this is the earliest time you can do so.

Walk straight out the front door after returning home. Blorto’s “food stand” is in the front and somewhat to the left of you. A “Blorto Special,” which is merely Warp Discs that will transport you to numerous locations, will be offered to you instead of food by Blorto.

But getting into these places isn’t free. You must have Warp Crystals, which you have probably been gradually accumulating. When opponents warp in on those spherical structures, these Crystals emerge. Warp Crystals, which are connected to a control desk that may be within the building or on top of it, power these circular structures.

You’ll require three of these Warp Crystals to go to the movie theatre. Then, proceed to the Bounty Hunter 5000 and buy the Movie Theater location from the menu in High on Life. You may access the Portals Menu by swiping down from the Bounty tab. You can return to previously visited planets using this option. Choose Upper Valley, then Zephyr Paradise, and launch the portal.

As soon as you enter the portal, a hill will be in front of you. As you ascend it, the place ought to seem recognizable. The mansion used to be located here. With the person who was dependent on inhaling those aliens, you know. However, it will now appear somewhat different, and you’ll notice an energy tent next to it.

When you engage with the energy tent, one of your Warp Discs will be requested of you. Choose a Warp for Movie Theater disc. As a result, a tremendously depressing movie theatre screening Demon Wind will take the place of the drill structure.

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