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How to Catch a Snowball in Overwatch 2 in Caught a Cold Snowball Deathmatch Challenge?

The holiday season in Overwatch 2 has met with more than a few events and the most popular of them being the Snowball Deathmatch Challenge. Just what the name suggests, the Snowball event is as fun as it gets but to catch a snowball, that is far from an easy task.

In typical deathmatch fashion, players will find fighting against each other in a Free-For-All format and the one who will be on the top of the scoreboard will be deemed as the winner.

In this game mode, players are dropped in the map with a single snowball and can collect upto three of them. The objective is to hit as many Meis as you can with them but the hard part is to collect them. Picking up snowball is only hard if you do not know how so read through to find out how.

The way to collect snowballs is to pick the ones that come your way but how. The way you do it is to hit your respective meele button when it is near your meele range. Mei will open up the hand and collect the incoming snowballs. You can pickup a maximum of 3 snowballs and use them to hit other Meis.

Snowballs are launched from a certain direction so make sure you are looking towards it to get the maximum out of it. You can pick up 3 snowballs at max and use them to hit back at other Meis.

While you are busy picking up snowballs, make sure that you are not attacked by other Meis in the meanwhile. Getting hit by other Meis will known you down which will be a significant blow in your quest to winning the FFA Snowball DM.

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