Gamers to Boycott Xbox as Microsoft explore in-game Ads

The gaming community was left in shock when a Microsoft spokesperson announced that they are exploring the option of running in-game and thereby sparking controversy with Xbox owners claiming to boycott the console if the tech giant decides to go through with this.

Microsoft is reportedly considering integrating advertisements directly into their games, which has sparked dissatisfaction among fans. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Sarah Bond from Microsoft, discussed the future of Xbox and the company’s efforts to enhance fan engagement.

She mentioned that additional approaches are being explored and stated, “We’ve talked about how we’re experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile – are there models that work well in PC and console?”

One of the primary concerns expressed by gamers pertains to the potential impact of in-game advertisements on the gameplay experience itself. There is a genuine apprehension that these advertisements might disrupt critical moments, disrupt the game’s pacing, or create undesirable distractions.

Gaming enthusiasts argue that these interruptions take away the immersive nature they seek, taking off the very essence of what makes gaming a special and engaging medium. However, the introduction of in-game ads has raised concerns among gamers regarding the potential influence or compromise of creative decisions to align with corporate interests.

Having in-game ads will water down the gaming experience and with Xbox already playing second fiddle to the PlayStation, this might end the story for Microsoft and their console.

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