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Game Breaking Valorant Bug Lets Omen Teleport Without Cooldown

In under two weeks of the introduction of the highly anticipated Episode 2 of Valorant, the game has witnessed a considerable number of game-breaking bugs featuring multiple agents. While some of these bugs haven’t been able to cause much harm in competitive, some others have made players terrified to queue for ranked games before they are fixed by Riot.

The list of game-breaking bugs in Valorant was extended further when Reddit user u/LogicaLogix demonstrated a glitch that lets Omen teleport to any point in the map freely without cooldown.

As shown in the video, this glitch can be replicated by using Omen’s ultimate and cancelling the animation using an ability right as you’re about to teleport.

The Reddit user further said, “you have to pull out your knife and left click on the map at the same time, then use an ability right before you tp.”

If executed properly, this game-breaking bug can be replicated at will to teleport to different locations in the map as many times as a player wants.

Fans are looking forward to Riot Games shipping out an update to fix this bug. However, the possibility of Omen being temporarily removed from matchmaking once again is also becoming a cause of concern for a portion of the player base.

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