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Minecraft fame Dream facing backlash for blaming his fans

Dream is facing backlash for blaming his fans over encouraging “CP” through artwork. The Minecraft star said he was not comfortable with it and his fans were acting on their own to publish such inappropriate content.

Dream’s newfound fame was off the back of Minecraft, and collaboration with the mainstream entertainment industry.

Just like Corpse Husband, he was able to roll with the big boys of YouTube without a face cam, with purely entertaining content. Given his involvement in multiple controversies previously, he wouldn’t mind getting into one more to defend himself.

His fans were certain of the fact that dream was comfortable with” CP” and made it the reason behind why they were creating inappropriate fan art with minors involved. However, Dream says otherwise and feels disgusted for the fact that minors are getting dragged into NFSW content.

He goes on and says that in none of his videos, had he ever encouraged CP nor he is fond of his stans using him to shield themselves. The Minecraft star Dream finds the backlash getting pointed in the wrong direction.


“YouTuber Dream has refused to condemn murder after one of his fans turned out to be a murderer. Will he finally be held accountable? Tune in at six to find out.” tweeed Dream rhetorically. Though his intention were pretty clear, he is tired and dissatisfied with his fans pointing their anger at the wrong direction.

There is no saying which way the drama is headed, as Dream fans are certain that the YouTuber is at fault to encourage such things later disowning his fans when they tired making artworks for him. A detailed explanation his side is needed or this drama will be dragged into something worse which wont benefit neither the community nor Dream himself.

Pranav Nalawade
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