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Corpse Husband to quit streaming soon

One can argue that Corpse Husband had the best 2020 out of all YouTubers, the Among Us sensation exploded to the upper echelons of YouTube and now be often be found playing with other stalwarts of the community.

During the 2nd January stream, Corpse revealed that his chronic illness might soon leave him incapable of streaming. “Sitting on my computer, only being able to play certain games… I don’t think I’ll be physically capable pretty soon” he said.

Streaming on a regular basis takes a heavy toll on his body which leaves him unsure about how long can he continue to do this.

The physical toll on his body is increasing at an alarming rate that has forced such a statement out of him. Corpse was forced to end streaming in the earlier week after his nose started bleeding and his arms were going numb. Given how rapidly his condition is declining, his streaming days will be cut short pretty soon.

He also expressed his hesitation from going to a doctor in case he gets recognized which fans had mixed reactions about as most wished for him to take medical support in spite of the risk of identity reveal.


What’s Next For Corpse Husband?

Corpse enjoys his music and he is more likely to focus on his music and Spotify when his illness renders him incapable of streaming.

Rocking over 3,797,100 followers on the music distribution platform, shifting to a songwriting career might no be such a bad idea for him. If not music, his signature spooky voice might take him back to 2015 when he used to narrate horror stories.

No matter how many career choices might lie in front of him, we hope his illness doesn’t the better of him and h can enjoy a healthy streaming career.

Given how his channel has matured over 2020, 2021 has assured success waiting for him, and it will certainly be disappointing for his fans if doesn’t get to see it.

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