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Free Fire and One Punch Man skin collection leaked online

Free Fire is a famous multiplayer battle-royale game which always brings some unique collaborations for its player base. This game is humongous in the mobile game market and a part of this success is due to the variety of content the developers provide to its audience. After a successful start to their ‘Operation Chrono’ season, Free Fire is already ready with a new collaboration with One Punch Man.

Some leaks have revealed that Free Fire is looking to collaborate with the famous anime series One Punch Man and bring some of its elements to the game. A reddit user posted a clip featuring the emotes of protagonist of this anime doing some of his signature moves.

This post gave rise to talks about a possible collaboration between Free Fire and One Punch Man and now, new leaks have surfaced on the social media to back up these claims. A page named FF Dataminer recently posted some leaks which show the main character and his sidekick being introduced in Free Fire in some form of skin or a character. These are the images the page has revealed:

This is the main character of One Punch Man known as Saitama. He is an anti-climatic protagonist who ends his each and every fight with a single punch and is too overpowered than any other character in the series. A Saitama bundle or skin might be added to the game very soon. It is available in two forms; one in his iconic costume and second in his pajamas.

Free Fire One Punch Man skin bundle

This image features a bundle of Genos, the apprentice and sidekick of Saitama. He is a half human-half cyborg character from the anime and this image reveals that there are several parts to his costume and hence, it is safe to assume that a Genos Bundle could be coming in Free Fire very soon.

Free Fire is lining up some pretty awesome collaborations back to back and after a huge announcement of partnership with football star Cristiano Ronaldo, the expectations for future crossovers is pretty high.

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