FNCS Champion Kez permanently banned for hacking

A former FNCS champion has been banned from Fortnite for cheating.

kez fortnite
kez fortnite banned midgame

Former FNCS champion Kez has been issued a permanent ban upon getting caught using aim hacks during the Frosty Frenzy event in Fortnite.

Given his achievements in Fortnite so far, Kez’s ban has sent waves across the competitive Fortnite scene. The community is in disbelief of the situation. Let alone the community, his teammates along with the caster were in shock when Kez was issued the ban mid-tournament.

kez fortnite ban

Kez has disappeared from every social platform since the ban, leaving the community without a statement explaining his side. At this point, his career as a Fortnite professional has definitely met its end. The community will come around to this shocking news eventually but the integrity of the competitive scene will be put in question, as Kez reportedly may have cheated his way into earning around $60000 in tournament winnings.

CizLucky revealed screenshots from December 5 where a Twitter user claimed to know that Kez bought hacks while predicting this inevitable outcome.

Fortnite’s anti cheat seems to be on the right track as reports suggest Kez didn’t cheat before this season. But the question remains what drove him to take this step as his tournament record was admirable if he didn’t cheat in them.

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