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Free Fire One Punch Man Collaboration: All You Need To Know

Free Fire is making big moves in terms of collaborations and partnerships with other prominent figures around the world. The game is immensely popular in the mobile gaming industry and Garena is setting up extremely well in terms of big crossovers. After their biggest collaboration to date, new leaks suggest that One Punch Man is the next target on the radar of Free Fire.

Free Fire is a battle-royale game that always surprises its user base with lucrative events. The scale of these events is rising to new levels. One of the earliest collaborations was seen between Free Fire and the famous TV show Money Heist. After that, Free Free recently broke all the limits after confirming a global partnership between the game and football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now new leaks have surfaced on Reddit which suggests that One Punch Man will be collaborating with Free Fire very soon. A user posted a clip that showcases two emotes which are themed to be of One Punch Man. The first one mentions the name ‘Saitama’ which is the protagonist of this show and the second one packs a punch in the air which creates a shockwave.

free fire one punch man collaborates

One Punch Man is an anime series that is well-known for its satirical hero who is overpowered and blows away the enemies in a single punch. This collaboration might bring a new character to the game or it could just be for a single event.

Free Fire has not official stated any of such collaboration and it will be interesting to see if these leaks come out to be true or not.

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