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Free Fire Money Heist Event: Everything You Need To Know

Free Fire recently collaborated with famous Netflix show La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) to bring an exclusive event along with new game mode and several themed cosmetics into the game. The event is set to go live from next month and garena announced the event through a short teaser video.

The crossover will bring a new 4 vs 4 combat game mode alongside new evert named Money Heist. In this event players will get several cosmetic skins and various gifts that can be redeemed from a unique event.

A printing machine will be available in the event section where players will have to print as much money as possible and deposit it in a vault that will available in the next stage of the event.

source: YouTube

Players can boost their printing by forming teams and assisting each other and also by collecting unique tokens that may be available in some sort of in-game reward. The tokens will boost printing process and more the money printed, higher will be the reward.

source: YouTube

Five rewards will be distributed in this event when players reach a certain amount of printing that will start from 5000 to 50000.

A list of other rewards have been leaked and it includes several money heist themed cosmetics and the famous “Red Jumpsuit” outfit from the Netflix show.

  • A legendary Money Heist Outfit
  • Money Heist themed gloo wall
  • Two money heist themed emotes
  • Backpack, airship and airdrop skins
  • P90 and AK gun skins, car, pan and surfboard skins
  • Exclusive pet costumes
source: YouTube
Printing Machine, Backpack and Car skins
Source: YouTube

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