Gaming isn’t just a hobby or a time-killer, it’s a part of life. For many gamers, gaming is an equally, if not more important aspect than any other everyday activity. It looks like Reddit user u/joao7yt was such an avid before life decided to throw a challenge at him. But the lengths a gamer can go to enjoy his favourite game might even take god by surprise.

A clip uploaded on the Global Offensive subreddit by the Reddit user shows him having a fractured left arm, a problem that can significantly hamper everyday activities. But that wasn’t nearly enough to stop him, as he found out quite an intelligent way to keep playing some good old CSGO.

“This isn’t enough to stop me”, he captioned as he proceeded to turn his keyboard by almost a ninety degrees to get the perfect angle for his hand to reach the keys of his keyboard. He also showed how comfortably he could access the keys after tilting the keyboard.

The Reddit community seemed to love his innovation; the post was filled with positive comments in only under a few minutes since it was uploaded. The comments hailed him as a “Genius!” and “they said it couldn’t be done”, but he did it anyway, what an absolute madlad.