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Is Neymar coming to Fortnite in Season 6?

Brazil and PSG, star Neymar might be on his way into Fortnite Season 6 as deduced from the teasers dropped by Epic Games and Neymar himself.

With Chapter 2, Season 6 on its way, Fortnite will be aiming to introduce fresh content into the game to keep the player base engaged. Fresh content in Epic’s language for the better part has been collaborations with big shots like comic publishers, movie studios, and music artists. After venturing in several fields, Fortnite’s meadows are presumed to be graced by the Brazilian Football team’s captain.

Neymar himself has teased his Fortnite collaboration on Twitter, hinting his fans to watch out for season six with a simple emoji. EPIC games themselves have failed to deliver a message cryptic enough to keep the fans guessing for long. The number “10” in their teaser image with a “Brazuca” football next to it was sufficient to spill the beans.

Besides Football, Neymar is known for streaming religiously on Twitch. Though Fortnite is not the video game he is particularly known for, his massive following in the real world holds the potential to bring a massive influx of gamers to Fortnite.

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