GeorgeNotFound’s alternate Twitch account wrongfully banned


Twitch streamer GeorgeNotFound’s alternate account has been banned by Twitch for having an “inappropriate username” which is far from the reality.

George’s alternate account “ThisIsGeorgeNotFound” was found to be bearing an inappropriate username and from what it seems was an error made from the side of the Amazon-owned streaming platform. The ban is indefinite, hence the account will remain suspended unless a successful appeal is made to convince Twitch if they do not fix it by themselves.

The ban email says “based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. Due to the severe nature of this violation, or the fact that you’ve incurred multiple violations, your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted.”

Regardless, if the appeal is made correctly, Twitch will most likely uplift the ban and let George have his way with his account. One can assume that this has been a mistake from Twitch and it falls under their responsibility to look into this issue.

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