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Shred Like Metallica in Fortnite Festival Season 4! PvP Mode, Skins & More!

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star: Everything You Need to Know About Fortnite Festival Season 4

An all-new season 4 of Fortnite is set to drop very soon, and we can’t wait for it because it’s METALLICA SEASON! Making sure to move the spotlight onto major pop artists, Fortnite has been doing something very interesting with these strategic collaborations, planning games within a game. Let’s take a look at what can be expected on the latest launch day of Fortnite Season 4

A Fortnite Festival pass is incoming!

A brand new Fortnite Festival pass for Season 4 is expected in the coming month, with the standard free and paid options, both of which will surely include exciting new cosmetic options. However, there is one big change expected this season, which is the number of skins we can see for buying the premium option of the Festival Pass. We believe that certain outfits will feature “personas” from Metallica, as outfits with Kirk Hamett, Rober, Trujillo & even frontman James Hetfield can be unlocked as you keep progressing through the challenges.

The premium tier costs 1800 V bucks (~₹1500) and if you decide to stick to the free tier, you still get to play around with the Slurp Blaster Guitar, along with several new songs from Epic Games: S.O.M.P,  The Night Porter (winnage) & Dreamer. 

Fortnite Festival Battle Stage

Fortnite Festival is soon getting a new competitive PvP mode, which will drop 16 players in a last-man-standing takes-it-all race. The game will be a four-song setlist, where after each song elimination of four players will occur – repeated till one musical prodigy is left standing victorious. 

Additionally, the players will be able to choose their instruments and even tone down the difficulty of the mode, but can’t choose from their libraries. It is expected that to make the matching more fair, players will be matched based on their “skill-rating” to match players who can be grouped against ones of the same level. 

Fortnite Metallica Festival Shop 

Like every other season of the Harmonix, you can find alternate Metallica foursomes in the in game shop. It includes a range of items like the Puppet Master outfits for everyone and it is expected that several of Metallica’s hits will also be sold in the shop, including ones right away & more to come, later this season 

Metallica Fortnite

Randomized Jam Tracks as Lobby Tracks

You read that right! Jam Tracks are now equipable, randomized to be Lobby tracks meaning no more boring generic airport music while you’re waiting for your creative, Battle royale, or Festival game modes to load!

As a cherry on top, they are also adding a few Creator support changes that were mentioned in their official blog here.

To stay updated on everything in Fortnite, click here, and to know more about Fortnite’s upcoming collaboration with Don Toliver, click here! Until next time, stay tuned to Talkesport for more.

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