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Fortnite X Metallica Quests: How to Earn Exclusive Rewards?

Complete the Challenge, Unleash the Metal: Your Guide to Fortnite Metallica Quests

The Metallica collaboration is finally here! In the now-launched event as a part of Chapter 5 Season 4, where you can go on quests to earn exclusive rewards. We’re now taking a look at all the quests in Fortnite x Metallica.

With the latest patch, Epic had dropped Fortnite Festival season 4 earlier today featuring Metallica, the iconic heavy metal band. Similar to other collabs from the past, you can hop onto the game, go on quests, and earn exciting Metallica-themed rewards!

Fortnite X Metallica

All Metallica-themed rewards and quests from the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

The quests are primarily grouped into three sections: Main, Encore & Bonus quests. Each section will reward you with XP or with an exclusive in-game reward.

New quests will keep dropping every day, which means you will have a load of opportunities to earn from, through the entirety of Chapter 5, Season 3. So without any ado, let’s take a look at all the quests and rewards in the latest chapter: 

Metallica Quests

Spray Metallica concert images at different locations (3)Metallica Spray
Visit the floating Metallica Loot Island stage (1)Metallica letter M
Stage 1 of 4 – Collect the Ride the Lightning item (1)1 Poster Piece
Stage 2 of 4 – Hit an opponent or a vehicle with the Ride the Lightning item (1)10,000 XP
Stage 3 of 4 – Hit opponents or vehicles with the Ride the Lightning item (5)10,000 XP

Metallica Encore Quests

Stage 1 of 10 – Jam at a Jam Statue for 5 seconds to start and Encore Session (1)1 Poster Piece
Stage 2 of 10 – Collect Metallica Music Notes (5)Metallica Music Note Banner Icon

Bonus Quests

Complete 20 Metallica QuestsParade Riffs Emote
Complete the Metallica PosterMetallica Rises Loading Screen

Here’s to all the players who will be grinding throughout the Metallica season, but for the ones who are worried if they can win at least some rewards, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

We will continue updating this guide as more quests keep unlocking in the coming days and in case you want to listen to the live concert on June 22 and 23, make sure to hop onto the game!

Until next time, stay tuned to Talkesport. To get the latest updates in real time, follow us on Instagram.

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