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Fan creates a SpongeBob Fortnite concept skin and everyone loves it

Fortnite has always been accommodating of playful skins and one fan has taken it to the next level by designing a SpongeBob concept skin that looks right in place to the point that fans have started demanding Epic Games to bring it to Fortnite.

SpongeBob has been one of the most iconic characters of our generation whose unique approach to humor has garnered fans from all over the world which makes him a perfect fit to be the next big Fortnite skin.

The Nicklodean show has several items that will fit right in as pickaxes and unique movements will work as emotes. There are other notable characters like Squidward who can join the pack as a skin and the whole theme would make up for a fantastic new Fortnite event.

AustinTheBear, the creator of the concept has built a whole suite of skins and other cosmetic items around SpongeBob. DoodleBob variation of the skin, Gary the pet snail as a back bling, a jellyfish net pickaxe, and a loading screen, all of it come as a part of the package.

The Reddit thread has been upvoted enough times to catch the attention of the developers and it might be too far-fetched to assume this point but we might see Spongebob Squarepants in the game in the coming days.

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