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NewsFortniteFortnite releases Chapter 3 Season 3 cinematic trailer

Fortnite releases Chapter 3 Season 3 cinematic trailer


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Epic Games has officially introduced the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin’. The new season seems quite fascinating as the new battle pass features Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. Apart from that, there are boars and wolves that you can ride, and a lot of other new in-game stuff.

After the Season 2 Collision event, Vibin’ introduced One Giant Party, an island with a new map. Let’s take a look at the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 cinematic trailer:

Reality Falls, a new area, is a gorgeous forest of mushrooms, bouncing mushrooms, and purple trees. The Reality Tree has bloomed on the Island, resulting in the formation of a new biome! You can swim beneath its cascades, hunt loot in its caves, and spring from its plumes while not exploring its flora. You will also be able to observe the effects of the Reality Tree on various sections of the Island throughout the Season.

The new Reality Tree is releasing Reality Seed Pods. Plant a Reality Seed to develop a Reality Sapling that blooms in the same spot every time! Saplings gain better treasure with each weeding, so keep weeding a sapling until it drops Mythic loot. If you pick up a Reality Seed while already planting a sapling, throw it to teleport the seedling to where it lands. Plant the seed that your sapling leaves behind when it wilts.

A new age for the Island heralds the arrival of a new sort of weapon. The new scoped rifle’s range is between that of an Assault Rifle and that of a Sniper Rifle. You should master the DMR to reap significant rewards in battle.

Furthermore, if you stay in the Storm for an extended period of time in a match, you will suffer Storm Sickness, an ailment that increases the Storm’s depletion of your Health. Storm Sickness never comes as a surprise, and you’ll be warned if you’re on the verge of getting it. Fortunately, the only remedy for Storm Sickness is to leave the Storm. However, if you re-enter it, it will immediately affect you again.

The new Snap outfit can be found on the first page of the Battle Pass, and once unlocked, it unlocks Snap Quests as well. Throughout the Season, these Quests become available. When you finish one, you’ll get a new Snap component.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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