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Global Esports Wins Skyesports Champions Series Valorant (SCS) Chennai Lan

Global Esports defeated Enigma Gaming 3-2 to become the winners of Skyesports Champions Series and would represent South Asia as the top seed of South Asia. Enigma Gaming has to pave their way through play-ins, while Global Esports, as the top seed, would skip the first stage.

The match went as follows: 

  • Enigma Gaming 14-12 Global Esports (Ascent)
  • Enigma Gaming 6-13 Global Esports (Split)
  • Enigma Gaming 13-11 Global Esports (Haven)
  • Enigma Gaming 8-13 Global Esports (Fracture)
  • Enigma Gaming 9-13 Global Esports(Bind)

Enigma had the most amazing run in the tournament, and qualified the playoffs as the top seed from Group A. In the playoffs they defeated Velocity gaming in the first round and defeated Orangutan to qualify for the Stage 2 VCT APAC challengers and reach the finals of Skyesports Champions Series. 

Global esports on the other hand had a shaky run, with Losing to Revenant and Enigma Gaming in the group stage, they qualified for the playoffs as the second seed from Group A. Global eSports then defeated full power gaming but lost to Orangutan to reach the lower bracket. 

In the lower bracket they had to beat their eternal rivals in velocity gaming to reach Lower bracket finals, where they took revenge from Orangutan to qualify for stage 2 VCT APAC challengers and the finals of Skyesports Champions Series.

Match summary:

The map veto for the finals went as follows. 

  • Enigma Gaming Ban Breeze, their weakest map
  • Global Esports Ban Icebox, Enigma’s strong map
  • Enigma Gaming picks Ascent with Global Esports on defense. 
  • Global eSports picks Split with Enigma Gaming on defense.
  • Enigma Gaming picks Haven, with Global eSports on 
  • Global eSports picks Fracture, with Enigma Gaming on 
  • Bind would be the decider.

Map 1 Ascent, Enigma’s pick:
Enigma Gaming chose to play Chamber, Omen, Raze, Sage, and Sova, while Global Esports chose to play Astra, Breach, Chamber, Kay/O, and Sova. The map started with Global Esports on defence, created a stronghold, And Enigma had difficulty getting on sites and only won four rounds.
On Global Esports attack, they managed to win four out of five rounds, putting them on the match point. But Enigma Gaming was resilient and came back to win nine rounds in a row to win the game 14-12.

Map 2 Split, Global Esports’ pick:
Enigma played a double duelist setup, something unheard of in recent days, playing Jett and Raze with Cypher, Omen and Sage. Global esports stuck with their default Breach, Chamber, and Fade. It turned out to be one-sided, with Global Esports crushing Enigma’s defence to win the half 9-3.
Keeping the momentum, Global Esports, and despite losing the starting two rounds, managed to stop the bleeding and won the map 13-6
Global Esports
Map 3 Haven Enigma’s pick:
Enigma Gaming picked Fade, Jett, Killjoy, Omen and Skye and opted not to play Chamber, while Global Esports decided to play Breach, Chamber, Omen, Raze and Sova. Starting well for both teams, Haven was a competitive map, to say the least, with rounds going back and forth and both teams winning strings of rounds before closing the half 6-6.
In the second half, after being 6-9 down, Enigma consistently held on to the sites to win six rounds in a row to make the scoreline 12-9 in their favour. Despite Global’s attempts at coming back, Enigma Gaming managed to close the game 13-11

Map 4 Fracture Global Esports’ pick:
Both played Chamber, Brimstone, and Breach, but Global Esports played Sage and Raze, and Enigma Gaming chose Kay/O and Neon. Being Global’s map pick, Fracture tilted toward Global Esports’ side, with them winning eight rounds on the attack, winning the half 8-4.

They held off Enigma for the first two rounds in their defence but lost the next four to facilitate a comeback. Thanks to a thrifty clutch for SkRossi, the momentum shifted, and Global Esports managed to push the game to the last map.

Map 5 Bind, The decider:
The only similarity between both compositions was Breach and Brimstone. Enigma Gaming chose Cypher as the sentinel, while GES decided on Chamber. Enigma played with Fade while GES played Sova as duelist GES played Raze while Enigma Gaming played Jett. With this being decider and picked by both the teams, The started teams exchanged rounds after rounds.

The first half concluded with GES winning one round over Enigma, closing the half 7-5.
Enigma lost the first two rounds, equalising the scoreboard at 7-7. Global esports then managed to hold off Enigma’s attack, only letting two more rounds slip off to win the game, 13-9, winning the game and the Skyesports Champions Series Chennai LAN 3-2.

Global esports is now a three-time representative of South Asia/India Valorant in APAC, a feat not achieved by any other team in the region. Enigma Gaming also qualifies for the Stage 2 VCT APAC challengers as the second seed from India and would play the play-in stage starting from June 9.

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