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Fortnite Leaks: OG Chapter 2 Return Rumors and Midas Speculations

Rumors are swirling within the Fortnite community as a leaked image, allegedly depicting Epic Games’ 2024 roadmap, has surfaced on 4chan. Could we be in for a blast from the past? The image spotlights key art for Chapter 2 Seasons 1, 2, and 3, fueling speculation about a potential return to the fan-favorite era of Fortnite.

Fortnite leaks showcase three seasons of OG Chapter 2 returning, Midas might return during them

This wouldn’t be entirely unprecedented. Epic Games has previously hinted at revisiting “OG Fortnite” after overwhelmingly positive player reactions to the late-stage Chapter 4 Season 5 experience. The leaked roadmap aligns with these earlier hints, making a Chapter 2 revival seem even more plausible.

While the fate of Chapter 1 remains shrouded in mystery, veteran leakers are fairly confident about Chapter 2’s return. One question on everyone’s mind is whether Midas, the enigmatic figure who captured players’ hearts in Chapter 2, Season 2, will also make a comeback.

Midas: Agent of Chaos or Master of the Loop?

Midas’s role in the Fortnite narrative is fascinating and complex. His relentless ambition to break the Loop and his resurrection in Chapter 5, Season 2 have established him as a key player in the unfolding storyline. If Chapter 2 returns, it’s highly probable that Midas will once again be pulled into the fray, perhaps even renewing his attempts to shatter the Loop.

Although this is largely speculation, Midas’s motivations and his absence of any direct opposition with the Imagined Order out of the picture open up intriguing possibilities. With power vacuums to fill, what will Midas’s next move be?

The OG Experience: A Separate Mode?

While leaks suggest that the OG Chapter 2 experience could be offered as a separate mode, Epic Games has yet to confirm this. If history is any guide, the throwback content might surface in Chapter 5, Season 5 (update v32.00).

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