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Fortnite Chapter 5 Glitch: No-Damage Issue with Shotguns Revealed

Fortnite Chapter 5 continues to stir up controversy with its problematic shotgun mechanics. A recent viral clip on Reddit has exposed yet another frustrating glitch that’s robbing players of well-deserved eliminations – shots from shotguns inexplicably failing to register damage.

In the clip, a seasoned player finds their Hammer Pump Shotgun shockingly ineffective against an opponent. Zero damage is dealt despite what should have been surefire hits. The player’s sarcastic “I guess my aim is just bad” comment resonated deeply with the Fortnite community, as many are all too familiar with similar shotgun malfunctions.

The ensuing discussions have revealed that the glitch may not be exclusive to the Hammer Pump Shotgun; rather, all shotguns in Chapter 5 Season 2 seem to be plagued. This revelation further compounds the mounting frustration players are feeling regarding the current state of combat.

Why Are Fortnite Shotguns Glitching?

While Epic Games is yet to offer a formal explanation, a possible culprit for this no-damage glitch could be the Movement Foregrip Weapon Mod. Some players have reported that temporarily dropping and re-equipping their shotgun fixes the issue, hinting that it might be linked to how the game recognizes weapons.

This issue is a significant blow to the integrity of Fortnite’s combat system. Shotguns are a core element of close-quarters engagements, and these glitches undermine the skill and precision that should be rewarded. The Fortnite community eagerly awaits a response and a permanent fix from Epic Games to address this increasingly problematic issue.

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