Fortnite Mobile made $1 Billion from microtransactions in 2 years

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According to a report by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Epic’s most popular battle royale game, Fortnite has made more than $1 Billion from in-game player spendings since its launch 2 years ago.

The in-game spendings surged during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown which helped the game to get past $1 billion revenue mark. In April, the game officially launched on Google Play Store (now available on Epic Store) for the first time which helped in bringing new players to the game, and the latest in-game virtual concert by Travis Scott also helped the game in retaining these new players. According to analysis, Fortnite mobile earned $44.4 million in April, up 90% from March. Also, the YoY earnings increased by more than 25% during this time period, the best performance of the game since February 2019.

Do note that these figures do not take into account how well the game has done on PC or consoles, so the game’s total revenue would be much higher.

Further, the report states that the United States accounted for more than 62% of total spending or for $632.2 million in in-game revenue. Second in rank is Great Britain with $38.2 million, or 3.8 percent, while Switzerland ranked No. 3 with $36.3 million, or 3.6 percent.

The Apple App Store alone accounted for the majority of revenue, with more than $1 billion worth transactions made on Apple’s marketplace. However, it should be noted that Fortnite Mobile on Android was only available through 3rd party sites and only launched on Google Play in mid-April. The Google Play version of the title has so far generated only $937,000 just shy of a million mark.

Furthermore, the App Store alone has generated more than 125 million, or 96.7% of total installs. So far Play Store only accumulated to 4.2 million downloads, putting the total number of downloads across mobile platforms to 129 million.

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