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UPDATED; Former TyLoo player banned after private Chinese cheat is detected

It has been reported that a VAC wave has emerged in China, after a famous private CSGO hack was detected. The first account spotted to have the game ban as per our information was “qZzzZzzz” who’s the brother of famous TyLoo player Hui ‘DD’ Wu.

QZ has now been unbanned. The account status has been restored.

Quanqing ‘QZ’ Wu had played for TyLoo as a substitute in the last month at WESG.

Credits https://www.hltv.org/gallery/view/55399

Valve has supposedly up their game in hunting the cheaters, the recent VAC ban which swiped thousands of hackers in China was just detected.

According to our investigation on the banned accounts, hundreds of thousands of dollars were turned worthless.

TyLoo QZ series is very similar to what has happened back here in India with the f0rsaken. QZ was earlier in controversy when he was handed a VAC during MSI Beat It 2013. An inquiry was opened and ESL was notified and it was confirmed, QZ had indeed a VAC on one of his accounts. The recent ban brings more disorder to the already suffering region.

In the recent past, adjacent to 2016, TyLoo was disqualified from Asia Minor after it was unveiled QZ had a VAC. Well, you could argue that this VAC Ban wave could be a result of the aftermath of forsaken saga. Not to forget if you’re caught cheating in China, you can even get a sentence in prison. This is not the first time though. Valve has earlier banned cheaters as much as 60,000 on a single day.

According to this Reddit post, several other accounts have also been VAC banned.

UPDATE: The earlier version of the story reported QZ had got VAC, instead, its a GAME ban just yet.
UPDATE 2: QZ has now been unbanned.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport


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